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Lynne Bassis, mediator

Lynne Bassis, Esq., mediating at the Intersection of Law and Human Emotion, helps end disputes and avoid runaway costs, disruption and delays of litigation.   

  • Mediator
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Conflict Resolution Professional
  • Conflict Management Systems Consultant for Businesses 


Professional, Experienced Mediator Serving Southern California

As a pioneer of ADR in California with over two decades of experience, Ms. Bassis is an accomplished Mediator, Mediation Trainer, Conflict Management Program Design Consultant and Guest Speaker. 

A past director of the Disability Mediation Center at Loyola Law School, her private mediation practice focuses on  employment (including class action), disability and health care.  She has experience with trusts & estates/elder care, multi-cultural, legal and professional malpractice, personal injury, real estate, business, partnership, commercial and intra-family disputes. 

With her penetrating understanding of the law and our complex business world, with the music of her humor and with the soul of her humanity, by harmonizing astute people skills with sharp intellect, Lynne Bassis provides guidance to her clients as they work their way through the Intersection of Law and Human emotion.   

What People Are Saying About Lynne Bassis

" the time Ms. Bassis walked into the mediation, it was evident to all that she understood the nuances of the case, from many vantage points” and had an “understanding of the case as well as, if not better than, the parties.”

“...her capacity to understand, read and manage people, coupled with her mollifying of extreme positions and threats, is what enables Ms. Bassis to respectfully and persuasively move parties off their positions and down the road toward a successful settlement.”  

"...I do cases all over the country and Ms. Bassis is the best mediator I have run into.”