Bassis Mediation
Toni J. Jaramilla, Esq.
Toni Jaramilla, ALPC

"I recently had the privilege of working with Lynne Bassis again in which I represented a client in a disability accommodation and California Family Rights Act/FMLA case. The parties were far apart in terms of settlement and required approval from an insurance carrier added another level of difficulty in resolving the case. For several days following the face-to-face mediation session Lynne persisted with the negotiations until a settlement was reached. The case also had very interesting legal issues regarding the interplay of theCalifornia and federal leave laws and the disability accommodation laws. However, Ms. Bassis demonstrated great skill and wisdom in evaluating the legal issues, while guiding the parties towards resolution of the case. Ms. Bassis, so far, has resolved 100% of the cases in which my firm has sought her assistance. I believe both sides felt satisfied with the outcome."

Craig Nichols
Nicholas & Butler LLP

"Lynne conducted a very positive joint session in a recent mediation. The session cleared the air regarding several factual disputes between the parties. Lynne's approach served to speed up the process considerably so we were able to negotiate numbers more quickly. I was very pleased with Lynne's services and look forward to using her again."

Tracy Wei Costantino
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP

"Lynne is a great mediator. Lynne works very hard to resolve her cases and has the gift of being able to keep us going when we are ready to walk out. I have trusted her with a case which was very sensitive and she got us a fantastic result! I am using her again soon and plan to do so again! She works hard to achieve results and satisfaction, which is hard in our line of work."

Margie Sommers
Allred Maroko & Goldberg

"I was pleased with Lynne's mediation services. She worked hard to find a compromise when none seemed possible and was tenacious and persistent. Lynne was sensitive to my client and explained the vulnerabilities, as well as the strengths of the case, with careful analysis, which led to settlement."

Mark L. Russakow
Russakow Ryan Johnson

"Lynne was amazing . . . she was focused on getting the job done, and she did. Very result oriented."

Kelly G. Richardson, Esq.
Richardson & Harman, LLP

"Lynne has all the qualities we look for in a mediator. She is patient, a quick study and devoted to the art of settling disputes. Her talents assisted us in settling a legal malpractice case arising from the mishandling of a real estate matter."

Charles Slyngstad
Morris Polich & Purdy

"Lynne has more patience than Jobe, a quality that serves attorneys well in cases with emotional content. She handles the emotional aspects of a case in a way many mediators would pass over and sets the stage for settlement."

Andre E. Jardini
Knapp, Petersen & Clarke

"I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend the mediation services of Lynne Bassis. Ms. Bassis served as mediator on appeal in an employment matter involving my client and a governmental entity. She identified and grasped the issues with ease and worked very hard the day of the mediation and by phone for weeks thereafter to put together a settlement. I admire her even-handed calm approach and the relentlessness with which she pursues it."

Gary S. Barthel, Partner
Higgs Fletcher & Mack LLP

"I have had the opportunity of knowing Lynne Bassis for years, so when I needed a mediator to handle a complex international breach of contract litigation case involving a Chinese manufacturer and a Korean-American distributor, Lynne was the obvious choice. Not only did Lynne completely immerse herself in the facts and history of the case (from each party's perspective), she also recognized the presence of language barriers and cultural obstacles between the parties. Lynne dedicated herself to addressing those barriers by finding imaginative and unusual, but fitting solutions to those issues so the obstacles could be overcome. On an ongoing basis Lynne asked for, and integrated the feedback the parties provided her, into the pre-mediation preparation discussions, the multiple face-to-face sessions and the post mediation negotiations. Throughout the process both parties and counsel recognized Lynne's expertise and respected her advice. Thanks to Lynne's untiring efforts to find solutions to the unique issues in this complex and highly emotional case, Lynne was able to structure a resolution that was not only fair for both parties, but one that left both parties believing they were victorious with the outcome. I not only personally recommend Lynne to other counsel with complex cases, but I personally look forward to working with her again!"

Louis Marino
McCune & Harber, LLP

"I used Lynne Bassis on the recommendation of another attorney for a difficult disability discrimination case. Although I had concerns about the emotions and unrealistic expectations, Ms. Bassis' abilities in all phases of the negotiations made the difference. She was patient, knowledgeable about the law and expertly handled the emotions of the parties involved, which ultimately permitted a resolution of the matter. I highly recommend her."

Peter R. Nasmyth, Jr., Esq.
Law Office of Peter R. Nasmyth, Jr., APC

"When I have a particularly difficult matter to be mediated Lynne Bassis is my first choice. I've had cases so close to trial that I had already got my haircut. One day with Lynne Bassis and the matter was resolved."

Richard S. Rosenberg
Ballard, Rosenberg, Golper & Savitt

"I worked with Lynne on a real tough case and she did a real fine job getting both sides to see the value in a resolution. I would recommend Lynne!"

Scott Carlson
Carter Carlson et al LLP

"Lynne did a wonderful job of moving the parties to settlement of the case. She was able to quickly grasp the material issues of the case and help each side understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. The lawyers and clients were all appreciative of her efforts."

Robert Brennan
Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan

"Lynne Bassis is a well trained, effective mediator who rolled up her sleeves and tried diligently to settle the case. She demonstrated diligence and professionalism throughout. Although the case did not settle, she did as much as anyone (short of a major deity or Tony Robbins) could have done to resolve the matter."

Linda S. Klibanow
Law Offices of Linda Klibanow

"Ms. Bassis' ability to instill in clients the conviction that she understands and supports their concerns creates the framework for creative dispute resolution. Her persistent equanimity, unflagging efforts and follow-through to close the deal distinguish her as a true professional in a field also populated by amateurs."

Robert L. Toms, Jr.
Gibson Rivera & Toms

"Lynne mediated a breach of merchantability case. She sized up the situation appropriately and managed a joint session with all counsel and clients participating. This was an excellent strategy in that it moved the case forward and cut through what otherwise would have been a lot of expensive discovery. In this particular case the approach she used and the flexibility she demonstrated was exactly what was needed, which led to a settlement."

William M. Betley
Atkinson, Andleson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

"Ms. Bassis has the ability to handle difficult cases enmeshed in thorny legal issues with excitable personalities. With her calm demeanor and methodical disposition, she moved the parties to settlement. I was impressed with her knowledge of the law, with the fact that she took the time to actually read and analyze the written materials provided her, that she contacted the parties in advance of the mediation to set the stage for a successful outcome and that in the end, she delivered."

Brian A. Cardoza, Senior Attorney
Southern California Edison

"Ms. Bassis came well prepared to mediate a difficult case involving parties who had become firmly entrenched in their positions. She had the ability to grasp complicated legal issues and diplomatically work the parties toward resolution. Her efforts helped secure a favorable outcome for my client."

Laura V. Farber
Hahn & Hahn

"Lynne Bassis was great and a pleasure to work with, listening to both sides and coming up with creative approaches to resolving the conflict. We will use Lynne again."

Dan Hogue
Hogue & Langhammer

"Very good job of gently but firmly pushing both sides to compromise."

Steven M. Schneider
Mitchell, Silverberg & Knupp

"Lynne is an excellent mediator —knowledgeable, unflappable, professional, always calm and persistent. She listens well to both sides, and is devoted to the settlement process in an ego-free manner. Unlike some mediators who take it as almost a personal affront if the matter doesn't settle, Lynne does not forget that is the parties' dispute and it will be the parties' own settlement if she can encourage them both to get there."

Sandra C. Muñoz
Law Offices of Sandra C. Muñoz

"I have used Lynne on several difficult employment cases. She is ALWAYS tenacious, dedicated, and accessible. I have used plenty of other mediators who ultimately left me feeling that they simply did not care and were more than happy to move on to the next case when settlement was apparently not possible. I have never felt this way with Lynne. From the minute she is selected, she becomes involved, communicates with the parties, asks questions and is persistent in moving the parties toward settlement. I appreciate her genuineness and her professionalism. I would gladly use Lynne again and again."

Joshua Milon
The Law Offices of Joshua Milon

"I used Ms. Bassis in Pregnancy Discrimination case. She was fair, kept things moving at an efficient pace, and focused on the important issues by avoiding irrelevant and time wasting issues. She has a very calm and diplomatic style. At the end of the day, she did a great job in helping the parties reach a resolution."

Brian Chase
General Counsel
Found Animals Foundation, Inc.

"Lynne successfully negotiated the settlement of one of the most unpleasant legal disputes I have encountered in nearly twenty years of practice. Lynne remained calm and consistently helpful during eight hours of grueling mediation, helped both sides understand the others' positions, and most importantly she diffused some of the more contentious and pointed moments of the day with good humor, empathy and patience. I highly recommend her."

Eve H. Wagner
Sauer & Wagner

"Words that describe Lynne as a mediator are 'hard working,' 'tenacious,' and 'knowledgeable.' With her knowledge of the law, which she applied in a well-reasoned and persuasive manner, and her very practical approach to the case, the case resolved. I will definitely use Ms. Bassis in another case."

Carol Gillam
Gillam Law Firm

"Lynne has tackled two of the more complex matters I have handled and has done an admirable job. I would choose her for the seemingly intractable dispute where complex personality issues are significantly impending a resolution. Her legal acumen is a given. It is in the rest of the conversation that she is remarkable."

Joel Krischer
Latham & Watkins

"We used Lynne in an early/pre-discovery mediation to try to help both sides evaluate their views of an employment discrimination case and make a decision about devoting resources to litigating. She is bright, a quick study and has excellent people skills. What I particularly liked was that, more so than many mediators, she is willing to be candid and direct about her views of the merits of the case; if a claim has no merit, or an argument is unpersuasive, she is willing to say so to both parties. Although our case did not settle, it was not for Lynne's lack of trying. Even after the session ended, she voluntarily followed up several times to see if she might continue to lend a hand (and as I write this, she is still willing to do so and, who knows, maybe she'll still help us settle). I would gladly use her on my next case and would strongly recommend her for any employment case."

Andrew W. Hyman
Law Offices of Andrew W. Hyman

"Every matter that I handle is of utmost concern to the client. Therefore, I approach mediation with seriousness and look for several qualities in a mediator. Chief among them are expertise as well as analytical, communication and problem solving skills. Lynne possesses these skills and is an ardent advocate of the mediation process. She has keen insight and is not hesitant to challenge attorneys and the parties on issues and positions in order to advance the mediation process. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone whose objective is to resolve a pending dispute."

Michael Monk
Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

"Now that our mediation dust has settled and the dismissal with prejudice filed, I wanted to thank you for your asistance in helping settle our lawsuit. You did a terrific job. I feared that the case would not settle, since the plaintiff seemed to have a completely different sense of the value of his lawsuit. Your approach with him was excellent. You obviously took the time and worked with him in a very successful manner to bring him to a more reasonable view of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. I appreciated your congenial style and good sense of the human dynamics that were involved. I think you created an environment in which the parties showed respect for each other, which also was invaluable in reaching an agreement. Finally, I appreciated the pace at which you conducted the mediation. It was not rushed, but the parties had ample time to digest the concepts being exchanged. This permitted counter-offers that were initially miles apart slowly to come together. I was not only surprised we were able to settle after a single day of mediation, but also that the parties seemed more congenial and communicative as the day progressed. Thank you for your expert assistance. I look foward to working with you in the future."

Michael J. McKiernan
Deputy General Counsel
American General Life Companies

"Lynne woked with the parties over a period of several months until a resolution was reached. She never used strong arm tactics or fear but rather, calm reason. She also facilitated resolution by encouraging a collegial relationship between the parties and, in particular, the attorneys. This collegiality prevented a breakdown of communication during periods of slow progress."

Al Klein
Rodi, Pollock, Pettker, Galbraithm & Cahill

"Lynne is an excellent mediator who has the ability to go beyond the legal issues, and deal effectively with individuals, which facilitated settlement in a difficult case. I highly recommend her."

Craig G. Staub
Littler Mendelson

"Lynne has calm demeanor, soothing personality and a tireless devotion to conflict resolution. Throughout the mediation, she focused the parties on the key issues of fact and law that would have the most significant impact on the outcome of the case. As a result of her sustained and skillful efforts, we were able to resolve a challenging case for which my client was very appreciative."

David Nye
Nye Peabody & Stirling

"I had the pleasure of working with Lynne Bassis on a difficult gender bias and discrimination case involving a major police department. Having handled other discrimination cases against law enforcement agencies, I was not optimistic about the possibility of reaching an accord. Lynne, however, came fully prepared and determined to explore all possibilities and was able, after much effort, to assist us in fashioning an innovative means of fully resolving the case to everyone's satisfaction. She interacted extremely well with my clients and demonstrated excellent mediation skills. She was strong but compassionate, direct but diplomatic, and managed to keep the parties and attorneys fully engaged – even when it appeared we were destined to fail. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of mediating an employment related case."

Warren P. Beck
Law Office of Warren P. Beck

"I met Lynne through the mediation program of the California Fair Employment and Housing. At the time I was representing an employee of a large corporation with a Family Medical Leave Claim. Lynne hit the ground running following pre-mediation consulations with counsel and was extremely focused on the real issues of which she was able to surgically carve out each party's position. Needless to say, the case settled to everyone's satisfaction. I would retain Lynne again in a New York minute."

Payam Soliemanzadeh
Natanzi & Soliemanzadeh

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ms. Bassis. It was clear that she had a strong understanding of the facts and the law. Her experience and expertise were truly the reason our case was resolved. Her patience in explaining the details to my client gave my client a greater sense of comfort and helped her settle the case. I would definitely use Ms. Bassis again."

Martin Berman
Pflaster & Berman

"I highly recommend Lynne Bassis' mediation services. Ms. Bassis was exceptional in terms of her attention to detail; she was generous with her time (in both pre-mediation planning and in post mediation follow-up). During our multi-day mediation Ms. Bassis was able to skillfully manage the case and people to bring about a settlement in a difficult environment. Thank you again for your help."

Jeffrey L. Cohen
Pavone & Cohen

"I mediate often and this was one of my most difficult mediations considering the combination of personality conflicts, differing facts asserted by the parties and differing legal opinions asserted by counsel. Despite these issues, Lynne deftly handled the problems raised by using various mediation techniques to mollify extreme positions. I was very impressed with Lynne Bassis' use of different strategies during the mediation to address various problems. From what I could gather from the mediation session, there were several hidden agenda issues, not directly related to monetary settlement, which had to be addressed in both rooms. Lynne was able to ferret out these hidden motivators and allow the parties to reach a comfort level that led to the settlement."

Brian J. Mankin
Fernandez & Lauby

"It was clear from the outset that Lynne had carefully studied the parties' briefs and was fully prepared to tackle the emotional and legal obstacles in our employment case. Her even-handed approach and persistence enabled the parties to reach a settlement."

Stephen W. Hogie
Law Office of Stephen W. Hogie

"Ms. Bassis' last minute availability allowed us to retain her in a difficult sexual assault/harassment case that culminated with plaintiff's termination. On the eve of mediation, the initial session was canceled due to unavailability of a critical mediation participant. Rather than take the money and run, Ms. Bassis applied our fee to a rescheduled mediation two months hence, which she coordinated and for which she pushed. The mediation itself was difficult. Translators and at least three cultures were involved. Ms. Bassis deftly navigated these circumstances and put together a deal. Plaintiff unrealistic expectations were reduced by Ms. Bassis' sensitive but firm appraisal. She has what it takes to make the deal."

David Smith Bates
Law Offices of David Smith Bates

"Lynne did an excellent job in reducing the sights of the client — it was done very effectively and the mediation money was well spent."

Joel Krischer
Latham & Watkins

"We used Lynne in an early/pre-discovery mediation to try to help both sides evaluate their views of an employment discrimination case and make a decision about devoting resources to litigating. She is bright, a quick study and has excellent people skills. What I particularly like was that, more so than many mediators, she is willing to candid and direct about her views of the merits of the case; if a claim has no merit or an argument is unpersuasive, she is willing to say so to both parties. I would gladly use her on my next case."

Edward A. Torres

"I have had the pleasure of Lynne Bassis mediating my case. Ms. Bassis' years of litigation experience, together with her ability to spot the critical issues which the parties need to analyze, are what make her a pleasure to work with. Ms. Bassis' diplomatic style in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your matter is also of great importance in the settlement process."

Andrew Friedman
Helmer & Friedman

"I have been mediating employment cases for nearly 14 years. I was receptive to trying mediation in this case, but was not optimistic that it could be settled. To my surprise and delight, under the guidance and with the perseverance of Ms. Bassis, the case resolved. I found Ms. Bassis to be tenacious and skilled in her handling of the very sensitive issues in what was potentially a very explosive case. The quality of her services was on a par with the most experienced mediators in southern California. Indeed, Ms. Bassis 'hung in there' until midnight (the mediation started at 10:00 a.m.) – long past the time that counsel for either party felt resolution was possible – and resolved the matter."

Gayle Eskridge
Eskridge & Associates

"Lynne Bassis handled a serious sexual harassment case for me and achieved a very fair settlement with which my client and I were happy. She dealt with the shifting sands of mediation in only a way that a seasoned mediator with an understanding of the law and human nature can do. With the ability to speak the language of the injured employee, insulted employer and their respective counsel in a conciliatory and analytical manner, she makes people move toward each other as she builds momentum for settlement. The typical puffery or familiar litany of reasons for settlement so prevalent among mediators was missing. Rather, the day was dominated by Lynne's thoughtful and provoking leadership through the morass so typical of employment litigation."

Donna B. Koch
Principal Deputy County Counsel
Office of County Counsel

"I have worked with Lynne on several cases over the past few years and have found her skills to be excellent in each unique situation. Above all, Lynne is always prepared, and has very focused listening skills. She is able to gain the trust, comfort and confidence of the parties, and to guide the process in such a way that cases I did not think could settle were settled despite the pessimism of all when we began the proceedings. She is an active and compassionate listener, and because of that quickly learns what the goals of the parties are in each situation. She has gained the respect of counsel for defendants, counsel for plaintiffs and their respective clients. My experience with Lynne has taught me that if she seems to believe I may not have evaluated liability potential accurately, I need to take a closer look at it. I recommend her services all the time to colleagues, as she is truly a neutral and a uniquely skilled one who is a powerful gentleperson."

Ellen M. Tipping, Esq.
Cotkin & Collins

"Lynne did an excellent job mediating a wage and hour and wrongful termination case at the pre-lawsuit stage. She has the attribute of calm neutrality that gains the confidence of both sides, and she worked tirelessly to clarify troublesome factual issues for the benefit of both sides. By the end of the day, her skillful handling of the mediation resulted in a settlement."

Jon Primuth
Law Offices of Jon Primuth

"Lynne worked hard to prepare for and settle a sexual harassment case full of complicated emotional and cultural dynamics. It took 20 straight hours with Lynne nursing the parties along with compassion, helpful insights and fresh approaches. In the end Lynne was there in the early morning light putting the finishing touches on our settlement agreement."

Eric A Schneider
Anderson, McPharlin & Conners, LLP

"Lynne is living disproof of the adage that a good settlement is one where everyone leaves unhappy. In addition to being very effective at bringing the parties to resolution, her approach leaves the parties feeling that they have accomplished something positive and beneficial."

Marcus M. McDaniel
Ogletree Deakins

"I found Ms. Bassis to be very professional, knowledgable of the applicable law and practical-minded. My clients found her objective and credible. With respect to caucuses with plaintiff's counsel, she showed herself to be adept at keeping a dialogue going and was successful in guiding us through the bumps that oftentimes arise in the final stages of settlement and drafting. Employment cases are usually driven by strong emotions on both sides of the table. A successful mediator must be able to maintain credibility and rapport on both sides of the table. Ms. Bassis' abilities as a seasoned employment mediator were evident. We were fortunate to have had Ms. Bassis mediate the case."

Julie M. DeRose
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith

"Lynne's professionalism & doggedness were very instrumental in getting us to reach agreement."

Duane Bartsch

"Lynne's greatest gift as a mediator may be her calming presence and ability to get the two sides talking and to keep them talking."

Debora Vierra

"This was a pre-litigation age/disability discrimination mediation. Lynne was very well-prepared, skilled and knowledgeable about the applicable law. As past director of the Disability Mediation Center at Loyola, it was evident that she knows her stuff. She interviewed both counsel before the mediation to get an understanding as to why the prior mediation failed. She started with a joint session using summarizing and listening techniques that worked very well for both sides. She then zeroed in on the essence of the case, saving tons of time trying to explain the nuances of disability law. At one point it became apparent that the case might not settle for the money we were seeking. She was a fighter, conscientious and made it work. Lynne was respectful of both my client and the company VP. The case was resolved and my client walked away feeling like he had his day in court. Lynne is extremely smart, personable and just a nice person, too. I think she would be excellent for almost any kind of case."

Rebecca H. Lessley
Lessley Law Firm

"As the mediator in a highly emotional case, Lynne did a wonderful job of acknowledging my client's distress and letting him know she empathized with him. At the same time she clearly communicated the legal realities involved in going to trial and the benefits of settlement. As a result the parties were able to move from extremely different positions to settlement."

Joseph E. Wiley
Wiley Price & Radulovich, LLP

"Lynne's thorough preparation, evaluating both the facts and the legal arguments before the mediation session, provided for an efficient and effective use of time at the mediation and resulted in the settlement of a case that, prior to the mediation, neither side thought would settle."

Colette Romero

"I'm glad to report that things are going really well around here since our mediation with Lynne. She assisted us with a situation involving three of our employees and the outcome has been a resounding success. I thank Lynne for her unflappable presence and her ability to steward the meeting into completion around mutually agreed upon and higher-purpose goals. All parties involved clearly admire and respect her work and are very grateful to us for providing them with this process. It's been a relief for me to know that Lynne is now a trusted resource to our company, should we ever have a need for this kind of work in the future."

Lester L. Jones
Williams, Yasinski & Jones

"Through Lynne's sustained effort, keen insight and creativity, we were able to resolve a multi-plaintiff politically charged sexual harassment matter for which my client was very grateful."

Charles W. Funero II
Law Offices of Charles Funero

"Ms. Bassis demonstrated exceptional resilience and ingenuity in a very difficult mediation, bringing together two very hostile parties."

Aaron Hayes
Strazulo Fitzgerald LLP

"Lynne is one of the best. Not only does she grasp the legal nuances of a case, but more importantly, she sees to the heart of the dispute and leads the parties to a solution that gets the case resolved."

Reza Mirroknian

"Lynne you did an excellent job at getting the parties to work through an impasse, especially since our client was willing to walk away and the other side wasn't willing to put more money on the table. We needed a creative solution which you helped facilitate!"

Justene Adamec
Pumilia Patel & Adamec LLP

"Lynne is a marvelous mediator. She cuts to the chase and really does not ask for extensive briefing, which may be as broad as a trial brief. She'll listen to what's important and then ask for details which is eminently helpful."

Thomas R. Bradford, Esq.
Peterson & Bradford, LLP

"I was very pleased with Ms. Bassis' work. She guided the parties to an agreement in an emotionally charged matter that I was doubtful would settle. She was able to get expectations to meet reality."

Dennis L. Althouse, Esq.
Richardson & Harman, PC

"My client was involved in a small action to collect payment for construction work performed for an individual. The parties were well entrenched in their respective positions and, rather than dig further into the minute details of the dispute as the clients on both sides appeared prepared to do, Lynne kept them focused on the overall goal of settling in a time and cost efficient manner. Without Lynne's focus and invaluable assistance there is no doubt but that the matter would not have settled."

A. Maria Plumtree
Plumtree & Tran, LLP

"Lynne mediated a case in which my sister was being represented by my firm. Both my sister, family and I are very pleased with the settlement. We noticed and appreciated Lynne's versatility and sensitivity as she worked the case to conclusion. She has a style and personality that doesn't give up and seems to know what people need throughout the day. Her successful efforts were really appreciated as this was an extremely emotional case for me and my family. Lynne would have no difficulty handling any type of case. She's smart on the law and on people. Thank you for working with both sides to reach the settlement."

Paul W. Wong
Milam & Larsen

"Lynne helped both opposing counsel and me, not only in exploring the issues, but also in determining the strengths and weakness of each of our cases. She put me in direct contact with the company VP, which was instrumental in reaching agreement. Lynne did what I needed her to do insofar as getting a dialogue going which led to settlement after the mediation."

Debra L. Fischer
Bingham, McCutchen LLP

"Lynne was very well prepared for the mediation and had a good handle on the issues. The dynamics of each mediation are different and this one required Lynne to sustain the participants' interest in keeping the process going. She was successful in doing so and we settled the case. I would recommend Lynne to my colleagues and to opposing counsel."

Toni J. Jaramilla
Law Offices of
Toni J. Jaramilla

"Ms. Bassis is a mediator whom I met in connection with a national origin discrimination case which she mediated under the auspices of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing's Mediation Program. She has also successfully mediated a sexual harassment case for me, demonstrating impressive insight and empathy. From my experience, I understand why Lynne was one of a handful of mediators who were selected from hundreds of applications to launch the DFEH mediation program. Ms. Bassis was tenacious with all the parties which led to a successful resolution of very emotional issues."

Rob Kitson
Litt Estuar Harrison Kitson LLP

"Lynne Bassis has the smarts and experience you need in a mediator. She knows how to get the ball rolling, and she has great instincts about who, when, and how hard to push to get a deal done. She is definitely in the upper echelon of southern California mediators."

Jason C. Gless
Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP

"In my recent mediation with Lynne, the parties on both sides of the case were emotionally tied to their claims which made for difficult settlement negotiations. Lynne did a fantastic job of balancing emotions and legal issues to bring both sides into check. Lynne settled a case I thought incapable of settlement, and she did so on the first day of mediation. The successful mediation was in large part due to Lynne's pre-mediation conferences with the parties and their counsel, and her detailed review of the case materials provided to her. She was well versed in the case before the mediation started which allowed the parties to jump right into negotiations, and not spend the first half of the day trying to get the mediator up to speed. Lynne is a great neutral with the know how to get the case resolved. Although this was a real estate disclosure case involving 5 homeowners, Lynne's talent reaches beyond any particular practice area."

Mary E. Reyna
Principal Deputy Counsel
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Division

"Working with Lynne Bassis is a true collaborative effort. She works hard to get the parties to keep their eyes on the prize of resolution by effectively countering any tendency toward polarization and maintaining a high level of trust. I appreciated the fact that she came very well prepared and seemed to know the issues as well as, if not better than the parties, so no time was wasted and every issued was addressed. Lynne is professional but personable. I respect the fact that she is one neutral who maintains her neutrality throughout the process. Having a mediator with a strong grasp of employment law, especially the subtleties of disability discrimination, was crucial to settlement of our case. Lynne is definitely a keeper, and I look forward to calling on her again in the future."

Rick Harmon
Harmon & Davies

"I handle employment discrimination cases and work all over the country. Lynne is the best mediator I've ever run into. She has a unique approach — putting parties at ease while all the time driving the process through to a successful conclusion. She has a unique gift that allows her to be successful."

Robert A. Bailey
Anglin Flewelling Rasmussen Campbell & Trytten LLP

"I have worked with Lynne on multiple mediations (breach of fiduciary duty, defamation and breach of a commercial lease)and plan to use her again. She is thoughtful and hardworking and really understands the importance of personalities in developing a resolution. She really puts in the time and effort and does not give up, even when the mediation session is over. She always comes prepared, understands the issues and approaches the case with an appreciation for what is motivating the parties and their counsel."

David G. Geffen

"Thank you Lynne. I do not usually come to pre-litigation mediations with high expectations; this one was no exception. Overall, both my client and I came out very much ahead. (Not just somewhat pleased.) My client was especially glad to be paid to resign early. At 69, or any age, learning to deal with a prosthetic leg is a full-time career."

Marc Coleman
Law Offices of Marc Coleman

"Lynne worked very hard (and successfully) to bring the parties to resolution following an unsuccessful mediation with someone else. Where advantageous, Lynne will manage a directed dialogue between different participants to quickly reach common ground or identify sticking points. It was very effective. For our disability discrimination case, she was knowledgeable, well-prepared and thoughtful. She understands the importance of detail. She also works hard to gain the trust and confidence of all involved and is not afraid to voice her view of strengths and weaknesses when appropriate. She is also not wed to any particular way of doing something and has the experience and sense to try what works."

David Tran
Plumtree & Tran, LLP

"Lynne is a true professional in the mediation field. She not only understood what it took for the parties to the litigation to get to the point where meaningful mediation can be achieved, but also what it took to get the attorneys to the point where meaningful mediation can be achieved. Personable, Expert, High Integrity. We whole heartedly recommend her services and would seek her assistance in the future."

William B. Crosby

"Lynne made a superb effort attempting to bring about resolution of an unresolvable case due to the intransigence of my client and legal defenses that made the outcome of a defense MSJ motion problematical at best. She demonstrated an excellent command of the facts and applicable law, as well as empathy for my client's emotional investment in the case."

Robert S. Amador
Amador Kelly, LLP

"Lynne was very skillful at arriving at the right result. She was able to see through the barriers to settlement."

James F. Elliott, Esq,
Elliott & Associates

"Lynne handled a highly contentious and complex disability dispute that she recently brought to a successful conclusion. I have had the opportunity to work with more than forty California mediators in connection with all matters of employment disputes over the past thirty-one years. Based on the industry, expertise, creativity and perseverance she brought to bear over several weeks in this vexing matter, I can say without any hesitation or qualification that her skill level places her within the small handful of California mediators whom I consider to be truly elite. The fact that she possesses an infectiously engaging personality that simultaneously disarmed and charmed the attorneys and parties adds a dimension to her services that I have only rarely encountered. Once again, on behalf of co-counsel and our client, I thank her for everything she has done to forge a resolution and I very much look forward to working with her again."

Wilmer J. Harris
Schonbrun, DeSimone, Seplow, Harris & Hoffman

"I used Ms. Bassis in a court-ordered mediation. I have found that many mediators do not 'go the extra mile' in mediations where they are not being paid for services. Ms. Bassis is the exception to that rule. Before the mediation began, Ms. Bassis contacted me and discussed the fact that the case would be difficult to resolve in light of the defendant's position and pending summary judgment motion. Although Ms. Bassis' analysis proved correct, she was nonetheless dogged in her attempt to forge some common ground to facilitate post-mediation settlement efforts. Moreover, she graciously donated her time after the court-ordered mediation to keep the lines of communication open between the parties. As a result of her efforts, the parties convened for a second day of mediation and the matter resolved. Overall, I was very impressed and look forward to using Ms. Bassis in the future to resolve matters either through court-orderd or private mediations."

Scott Wheeler
Law Offices of Scott Wheeler

"Lynne Bassis has a persuasive yet kind approach to the mediation process. I was really impressed with her personal style and efficient use of time, which my client appreciated. Lynne was very patient and giving throughout the process. Although the case initially did not settle, Lynne followed through with the parties after one day session, and she was able to keep the lines of communication open until the case settled on the eve of trial. Her services and efforts were greatly appreciated. Lynne is a top notch mediator!"

Jay J. Lee
Law Offices of Jay J. Lee

"Ms. Bassis displayed empathy and toughness in mediating a contentious employment case. Although the parties could not settle during the initial session, Ms. Bassis kept the dialogue going by the telephone over the next several days. Her extra efforts helped move the parties closer together and ultimately resulted in a mutually agreeable resolution. Based on my experience of her skills an dediation, I would highly recommend Ms. Bassis as a mediator."

Steven R. Yee
Yee & Belilove, LLP

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lynne as a mediator in legal malpractice cases. Unlike many mediators, she actually took the time to go through the legal issues and explore the parties' predilection for settlement, all of which led to favorable results. I recommend using Lynne."

Daren H. Lipinsky
Brown & Lipinsky

"Lynne's insight, knowledge of legal concepts and patience facilitated a settlement on a seemingly impossible matter to settle. I would highly recommend her even for the most difficult of cases in the employment arena."

John D. Darling
Hunt Ortmann Palffy & Rosell

"Lynne quickly grasped the critical issues in a quiet title/declaratory relief action with an elder abuse overlay. She persevered to focus the parties and counsel on those issues. I would recommend her to those who have recalcitrant parties and need a mediator who is strong willed, yet people smart."

Andrew S. Levey
Chair, Employment Law Dept.
Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O'Keefe & Nichols

"Lynne is a top flight mediator. She resolved a exceedingly difficult wrongful termination and disability discrimination case with several delicate emotional issues as well as a complex insurance issue, with tenacity and aplomb. She is definitely at the top of my list for complex employment matters."

Alfred Landegger
Landegger Baron & Lavenant

"Lynne handled a sensitive mediation successfully. Given that it was a new client who had limited time, her pre-mediation preparation helped me provide a forum for a quick and successful outcome. Not being wedded to a single way of managing the negotiations, she was adept at shifting gears during the process to address what was needed moment to moment. I, as well as my clients, were pleased and I suspect that her attributes would transcend many different practice areas."

Sidney L. Gold
Law Offices of Sidney L. Gold & Associates

"Lynne mediated an age discrimination/reorg case in Pennsylvania with much aplomb for which my client and I were very grateful. Although not always the case with mediators, her grasp of the legal issues was obvious. What impressed me most and what got the case resolved was her ability to build immediate rapport with me and my client. I know she did the same in the other room, without sacrificing any authenticity in either room. She's a natural, strikingly skilled mediator whose aptitude is well worth the trip across country."